Working Paper #6 published in English and German

Credit: Francis Hunger
Photo: Detail of the cover of Working Paper No. 6. Design: Francis Hunger.

As part of the Working Paper publication format, the sixth title »Unhype Artificial ‘Intelligence’! A proposal to replace the deceiving terminology of AI« by Francis Hunger (HMKV HartwareMedienKunstVerein) is published. A German language version has also appeared here.

Artificial Intelligence as a field of research and also its criticism is dominated by notions such as ‘intelligence’, ‘learning’ or ‘neuronal’. This paper discusses how the use of anthropomorphising language is fueling AI hype. AI hype involves many promises, such as that ‘AI can be creative’, or ‘AI can solve world hunger’. This hype is problematic since it covers up the negative consequences of AI use. Instead, the author proposes to use alternative terminology such as: ‘Automated Pattern Recognition’, ‘Machine Conditioning’, or ‘Weighted Network’.

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»Training the Archive« (2020–2023) is a research project that explores the possibilities and risks of AI in relation to the automated structuring of museum collection data to support curatorial practice and artistic production.

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