About the Project

»Training the Archive« aims to accompany the developments of artificial intelligence (AI), critically question them and examine the technology with regard to a possible application in museum practice. The focus is on the question of how AI can be employed in the process of (digital) curating and artistic production.

Which paths of collaboration between AI systems and experts are possible and can contribute to facilitating explorative research? Do patterns, connections and associations become recognisable in museum collection data that are not evident to humans in this form?

Together with RWTH Aachen as a digital partner, the »Training the Archive« team is developing an application that helps to structure large amounts of information in digital archives – so-called Big Data – and prepare it for use in decision-making processes.

The results of »Training the Archive« are continually published in so-called working papers here on the blog and as Open Source on GitHub. This is intended to make progress directly accessible to interested art and cultural institutions as well as the general public. A symposium with international experts is planned as a platform for professional discussion at the end of 2022.

Training the Archive:

A joint project of the Ludwig Forum for International Art Aachen with the HMKV Hartware Medien KunstVerein, Dortmund. In collaboration with the Visual Computing Institute of RWTH Aachen University.

Research Project Manager:

Dominik Bönisch (Ludwig Forum Aachen)

Collaborative Partner:

Dr. Inke Arns & Francis Hunger (HMKV, Dortmund)

Digital Partner:

Prof. Dr. Leif Kobbelt, Dr. Isaak Lim & Moritz Ibing (Visual Computing Institute,
RWTH Aachen University)

Project Idea:

Dominik Bönisch & Holger Otten (Ludwig Forum Aachen)


Funded by the »Digital Culture Programme« of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation). Funded by the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media).

»Training the Archive« (2020–2023) is a research project that explores the possibilities and risks of AI in relation to the automated structuring of museum collection data to support curatorial practice and artistic production.

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