Contribution at the online conference #vKG2021

Painting: Caspar David Friedrich, Kreidefelsen auf Rügen (1818), Kunst Museum Winterthur (Inv.-Nr. OR 165), CC0 1.0 Image in the background: Jae Rue on Pixabay, Simplified Pixabay licence collage by: Georg Schelbert, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Association of German Art Historians, in collaboration with the Ulmer Verein and the Arbeitskreis Digitale Kunstgeschichte, will host the online conference »Digital Experiences and Strategies in Art History after a Year of the Corona Pandemic« on 26/27 March 2021.

»Training the Archive« is in the panel Showing and Interpreting Museum Collection Data: Close-Up Cloud / Training the Archive on Saturday, 27 March 2021 from 10:45 am together with Sarah Kreiseler from Leuphana University Lüneburg part of the conference. Dr Harald Klinke from the LMU in Munich will lead through the contributions.

Dominik Bönisch, scientific project manager of »Training the Archive,« will present the research project as well as the first lessons learned from the work with the previous prototypes and an outlook. The lecture will not be recorded.

Update → The slides of the lecture are now available here (in German):

»Training the Archive« (2020–2023) is a research project that explores the possibilities and risks of AI in relation to the automated structuring of museum collection data to support curatorial practice and artistic production.

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