Interview #2 with Adam Harvey on »Face Recognition Datasets«

»Training the Archive« explores the applicability of Artificial Intelligence to art and the curation of art. For this purpose, a series of interviews with artists, curators, and theorists who have made significant contributions to the research field of image production and artificial intelligence in recent years is being produced. The second video of the interview with Adam Harvey is online exclusively on YouTube (with subtitles).

In the interview, Adam Harvey states:
“I don’t think, it’s possible to destroy the complete face detection/computer vision existing  infrastructure, and nor do I want to. But to limit its growth and limit its dangerous potential to grow and know more and more about who you are and what you’re looking at, how you’re moving, and with who you around.”

Adam Harvey is all about critically examining artificial intelligence training data. Harvey is a Berlin-based researcher and artist working on artificial intelligence, privacy, and surveillance. He is a 2010 graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and is currently a Digital Fellow at the Weizenbaum Institute, a Research Fellow at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe, Germany, and a future Fellow of EYEBEAM’s Rapid Response for a Better Digital Future. He is founder of the VFRAME computer vision project and co-founder of the Megapixels Project.

The interview was conducted by Francis Hunger (HMKV) for »Training the Archive.« To see the other videos in the series, click here or go to the YouTube playlist.

»Training the Archive« (2020–2023) is a research project that explores the possibilities and risks of AI in relation to the automated structuring of museum collection data to support curatorial practice and artistic production.

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