Working Paper #4 published in English and German

The fourth working paper in the series on the research project has been published by Dr. Inke Arns (HMKV) on the topic »Can Artificial Intelligence be biased? On the critique of AI’s ‘algorithmic bias’ in the arts« is available for free download.

»Training the Archive« at HANNOVER MESSE

HANNOVER MESSE is the leading knowledge and networking platform for the manufacturing, energy and logistics industries. On 31.05.22 our project will also be presented.

Toolkit on AI and Museums published

The German-language toolkit on the topic of »Artificial Intelligence and Museums« has been published online and in print with an article on the Ludwig Forum.

»Training the Archive« (2020–2023) is a research project that explores the possibilities and risks of AI in relation to the automated structuring of museum collection data to support curatorial practice and artistic production.

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